ISTANBUL, Aug. 8 -- An extreme humidity and heatwave has gripped Turkey's biggest city Istanbul on Monday.

Over 80 percent of humidity caused the so-called "perceived" temperature to be felt as 40 degrees Celsius in most parts of the city.

The heatwave, combined with extreme humidity, has intolerably forced most people to stay home or flock to the seaside.

The shores around the Bosphorus Strait, separating the city's European and Asian sides, was among the favorite spots for local residents to enjoy.

Hudayi Dinler, a businessman on vacation, believed it is always better to be on the seaside rather than being trapped at home during the heatwave.

"It is much cooler here. The water is clean and very appealing," Dinler told Xinhua while having a rest under the shade of a tree near the Bosphorus.

"The heat at home is suffocating while Bosphorus is always cooler under any circumstances," said Recep Oruc, another Turkish citizen who also came to seaside to escape the extreme humidity.

However, meteorologists have warned people to avoid going outdoors especially during the afternoon hours when the humidity would reach highest levels.

Physicians, through media publications, are urging people to consume more liquid, adding the heatwave might be particularly dangerous for people suffering from chronic diseases. (Xinhua)