MANILA, Aug 9 – Preserving Philippine  culture through  sports,  the  Philippines Sports Commission (PSC) has thrown its support to the world’s famous  Kadayawan Festival  set in Davao City, starting August 12.

The government support is line with the President's directive to give access to the peripheries - communities across the country.

 PSC chair William “Butch” Ramirez and Commissioner Charles Maxey will lead government sports leaders who will grace the occasion  next week.

Maxey on Wednesday  said  the sports agency has allotted PHP 900,000 for co-organizing two sports events – girls’ volleyball and tribal games.

Participants of the volleyball competition will be coming from the various public schools , representing  the three districts of Davao.

Tribal games will also  highlight the festival which will be participated by indigenous people of Davao-Lumads.

Four years ago, Ramirez, who was then the city’s sports development officer, and Commissioner Maxey, himself a sportswriter, organized the tribal games.

The PSC support aims to sustain its grassroots sports development. Early this year, the sports body has organized childrens/ Indigenous  games in Mindanao especially in the beleaguered Marawi City and in Ifugao (Cordilleras), site of the world’s scenic Rice Terraces (Banaue). (PNA)

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