MANILA, Aug. 9 -- Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) gold medalist Marella Salamat on  Wednesday  vowed to give her best in the 29th edition of the biennial meet set in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Salamat will face a tough competition as she entered in two events in cycling-criterium (100 kms) and road race (134 kms).

“I am not expecting that much, but I will try my best ,” said Salamat, who will not be defending her favorite event in the  Individual Time Trial (ITT)  as host Malaysia scrapped it. Instead, she will be fighting in “unfamiliar” road race events.

“I believe (in) my coach, the training program that was prepared for me, and I trust myself, “ confidently said by Salamat, who confided that cycling became her passion   after her only purpose to bike was to reduce weight.

“I have sacrificed so much. In cycling, you must have a commitment. Barely, we can see our families due long hours of practice, I hope it will be worth (it),” said Salamat emphasizing discipline led her triumphs in numerous international competitions.

Her training program, prepared by coach Cesar Logramente,  a veteran rider, include explosive attacks, transitions process and speed.

To boost Salamat’s confidence and fighting chance on her new found event, PSC  has provided her of some foreign exposures.

She will  first plunge into action on August 21 (criterium) and with just a day interval, Salamat who does online schooling, will try her luck in the lung-busting road race, taking advantage of her familiarity of the course, best described with its up and down terrain and  long stretches in Putrajaya.  

“Years, my mind set is always to think positive and stay focus,” said Salamat, who expressed her gratitude to cycling communities that  gave their team much needed support not discounting the millions of Filipinos.

Salamat's teammate is the equally talented Sienna Elaine Fines,whom will be seeing action in BMX event.

The Philippine cycling squad is now composed of  14 riders to include 12 male riders. (PNA)