MANILA -- The Department of Science and Technology in Region 12 (DOST 12) will celebrate the regional Science and Technology (S&T) Week on October 17-19 in General Santos City.

The National S&T Week is being observed annually every July. However, the DOST regional offices also prepared various activities and celebrate the Regional S&T Week on different dates. 

With this year's theme, "Science for the People," the event aims to highlight the achievements in the field of S&T, its impact on people, livelihood and health, among others. 

"It is important to celebrate S&T Week in every part of the country," DOST Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena earlier noted, adding that the celebration aims to make people from all walks of life realize the benefits of S&T.

DOST 12 Director Zenaida Hadji Raof Laidan said the Regional S&T Week in General Santos will serve as an avenue for government and private sector partners to further strengthen socio-economic activities in the region.

According to her, DOST 12 will further enhance the talents of technopreneurs, and will help in expanding the opportunities for those working in the research and development sectors.
Laidan said the regional office has prepared activities that will further promote science culture in Region 12.

Among the activities that the public can expect are the S&T Youth Assembly and project exhibits such as the latest developments in the halal industry. 

Highlights of the exhibit include the DOST-12 assisted products of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the DOST's Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). 

SETUP is DOST's nationwide program that aims to encourage and assist MSMEs in adopting technological innovations to improve their products and operations. 

Through SETUP, the DOST helps improve the MSMEs' productivity and competitiveness by providing them a loan that is payable in three years.
Attendees can also join S&T-related workshops and trainings. 

The Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE) will also be held during the three-day event.  (PNA)