MANILA -- The Philippines has won four golds and two silvers in the 2017 Taiwan International Dragon Boat Festival held on October 2-3 in Keelung City, a major port city in the northeastern part of Taiwan.

In an interview with former national athlete Judith Pagsuyuin Hakim on Saturday, she said the Philippine Navy and the Sugbu Mighty Dragons of Cebu City placed first and second in the women's 200 meters and 500 meters competitions.

The Keelung Temple team finished third in both events.

The Navy team is composed of S2SK Shaia Noa Leopardo, S2DK Evita Elisa Zamora, S2JO Cyrin Ann Guingona, S2HM Daiserri Vergara, S2JO Diana May Mahilum, F2DC Theagie Amper, S2JO Riza Joy Pesales and S2DK Marian Claire Resulta. Also part of the team are Curlstine Jane Joaquin, Erlinda Amparo, Beverly Jane Tamayo and Hakim.

The Philippines, represented by the Cebu Pink Paddlers, also dominated the two events in the Breast Cancer Survivor division. A team from Los Angeles, USA and from Hong Kong finished second and third place in both events.

The participation of the three Philippine teams were made possible through Bugsay Pilipinas, a sporting and recreation goods company invited by the organizer of the 2017 Keelung International Dragon Boat Festival. (PNA)