MANILA -- Launching its 2018 Luxury Escorted Journeys, The Travel Corporation (TravCorp) on Friday said the latest upscale product of their brand collaboration expects higher feedback rate from the Philippines, being a "resilient" market, with Filipinos being one of their avid travelers.

"The most attractive market for us is the Philippines... it's a very lucrative market to travel," said Robin Yap, president for TTC in Asia.

Being in the country for around 37 years, the company has seen how "resilient" Filipinos are when planning a vacation or travel abroad, Yap said.

"Whether there's a typhoon, whether there's a potential volcano eruption, it doesn't seem to disrupt people from travel, and that is the resilience of this market," he explained.

“This market is the most resilient that we've seen in challenging times of Asia but the market growth (has) always (shown) a positive side," he added. "Also, Philippine people understands what luxury is."

The new brand is the brainchild of TTC's Luxury Gold and Insight Tours. Launched at Raffles in Makati City, the Luxury Escorted Journeys aims to showcase a unique and exclusive collection of VIP experiences to its guests, with the inclusion of stay in luxury hotels and dining into Michelin restaurants around the globe.

The tour offers a diverse selection of 42 small group journeys worldwide, including Europe, Britain, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and North America.

The Escorted Journeys also boasts of its latest Chairman's collection, which is curated by TTC's Chairman Stanley Tollman himself.

Among the program's highlights are exclusive experiences such as lunch with an Italian Count at his grand Tuscan villa, visit to the gardens of Alnwick Castle with the Duchess of Northumberland, dining with a French Count at Paris' oldest cafe or even joining Princess Anita von Hohenberg for a drinks reception at Artstetten Castle.

Filipinos, according to Yap, are expected to avail this product since the Philippines tops, next to Singapore, insofar as their volume market is concerned. The difference plays only in terms of the two states' processing of travel documents.

"Singapore has a clear advantage of not having to apply for a visa. You pick up your passport and travel tomorrow and no one will stop you but our clients in the Philippines need to process their visa applications, so there are other considerations," he said. (PNA)