MANILA -- The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is eyeing the abolition of its green lane whose use is currently suspended.

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, however, noted that the plan would only be implemented after they have perfected their computerized system.

“Yes, I am saying that if there is no need for the greenlane then you remove that,” he said. “Until such time that the selectivity system of our computer system has been perfected, until now it is not perfected. I cannot allow another 604 (kilos of shabu) to pass through, “ the BOC chief said.

Lapeña was referring to the controversial multi-billion drug shipment which passed through the scrutiny of BOC and later seized in Valenzuela City last May.

The BOC chief said short-term and long-term measures are now in place, one of which is the installation of additional x-ray machines.

The Senate has approved the PHP1.3 billion budget that will be used to acquire 56 x-ray machines to be installed in different ports in the country.

Last August, Lapeña suspended the green lanes believing that it may be the reason why contrabands were able to slip out of the ports without being noticed.

Shipments that pass through the green lanes are spared from going through x-ray machines. (PNA)