How do different countries observe the Halloween?

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

October 28, 2017, 6:15 pm

MANILA -- Have you already prepared your costume for the Halloween? Are you in for a trick-or-treat?

Every October 31, Halloween or the eve of the All Saints' Day, is being observed in different countries. The Philippine News Agency listed what some countries do during this day.

* Philippines

Most schools and companies hold trick-or-treat events for students and the employees' kids. Some Filipinos, meanwhile, use their time off to meet with their friends by organizing a Halloween get-together.

Horror films or spooky features are usually showed on television even days before October 31.

* United Kingdom

Parties, guising and trick-or-treating are common for British people during Halloween.

Party-goers and hosts usually wear their costumes -- pretending to be ghosts and other scary figures.

According to and websites, however, Halloween is not a public holiday in the UK.

* Korea

Ever wondered how the Oppas celebrate the Halloween?

In Seoul, colorful festivities are held during this time of the year. Expect to be entertained with music and dance performances and parades in the streets.

There are also Halloween themed parks and haunted houses geared up in the city for the celebration. The Lotte World is among those which has prepared a Halloween festival for this year.

* China

Unlike in Western countries, Halloween is not common in China since Chinese people observe the Hungry Ghost and the Qing Ming festivals.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is like the Halloween in China when Chinese people are said to worship their ancestors. Based on traditional belief, restless spirits roam the arts during hungry Ghost Festival. Qing Ming Festival, on the other hand, is also called a tomb sweeping day.

Since there are foreigners living in China, expat-oriented bars are said to decorate for the Halloween.

* Mexico

Mexicans observe the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), remembering their loved ones.

It is believed that those who already passed away could reunite with their families.

Some Mexicans believe that the heaven's gate is open on October 31, so kids (angels) can come down to reunite with them. Adult spirits for them, on the other hand, could reunite on November 1.

* France

Halloween celebration is not too common in France since some French people think it's a commercial event when stores are trying to boost sales.

Only few children are said to go on trick-or-treating.

Some grown-ups  still hold parties while wearing scary costumes.

Customs and traditions, indeed, may vary in different countries.  (PNA)