LUNA, Apayao -- In time for the expected influx of visitors in cemeteries and eco-tourism sites here, the Apayao police is all set to implement security measures and ensure public safety.

Apayao PNP Provincial Director Sr. Supt. Dominador Halog said he has already deployed personnel including augmentation force in preparation for the forthcoming All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.

“We are expecting influx of tourists considering that Apayao province has a lot of eco-tourism sites. So, for the Apayao PNP, we are always prepared 24/7,” said Halog, as there had been a significant increase of tourist arrivals in the province since the roads leading to various tourism sites here are now accessible to any type of vehicle.

Among the top tourist destinations in Luna, Apayao are the Dupag Rocks formation and Manacota underground river in Marag Valley, Lussok cave and blue lagoon in Dagupan, and the Bayugao falls near the Poblacion town proper.

According to Halog, the province is relatively peaceful and he hopes to maintain it that way with the help of the peace-loving citizenry.

In a related development, Halog reported that they are also planning to set up police assistance desks in the different eco-tourism sites here apart from strengthening police visibility where people usually converge.

Halog reiterated to the public to always be alert and follow crime prevention tips to enjoy a safe and peaceful Undas 2017.

The PNP leadership is also sharing some of these travel safety tips:


* If possible, use different doors and gates when departing and entering your home or office.

* During travel, always fasten seat belts; keep doors locked and windows closed. Conduct a route survey.Use caution if you must use an unpaved short cut during the day.

* Drive your vehicle at a steady speed and keep a distance from the vehicle in front of you. Beware of accidents and accident scenes as they maybe ‘faked.’ Be prepared to speed away at the first sign of danger.

* Be suspicious of slow-moving heavily-tinted cars and motorcycle riding-in-tandem especially riders wearing heavily-tinted helmets.


* Do not make unnecessary trips. Travel in group if you can. Do not utilize any unpaved short-cut road at night. Do not pick up strangers or open doors or windows to unknown persons.

* Do not leave personal items openly displayed in your vehicle as these can lure smash-and-run thieves.

* Do not attempt to illegally bypass traffic or police checkpoints or other police roadblocks.

* Do not park in deserted or isolated areas.

* Do not stop unnecessarily in uninhabited areas. (PNA)