MANILA -- The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) reminded all Drones or Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) operators and hobbyist that strict implementation of a “no-fly zone” will be implemented in areas where the 31st ASEAN Summit will be held from November 9 to 17, 2017 in Manila and Clark.

CAAP issued notice to airmen (NOTAM B4588/17) no drone operations from 09-17 November 2017, 40 nautical miles radius centered on Luneta Park and NOTAM (B4593/17), 40 nautical miles radius centered on Clark DVOR.

CAAP said that under the Memorandum Circular No. 21 series of 2014 (dated June, 2014) and its amendments in Memorandum Circular No. 35 (dated November 2014), it prohibits the flying of UAVs over populated areas, restricted areas such as airports and “no-fly zones” such as military training camps and Malacanang Palace.

The memorandum states that: no person may operate a UAV for hire or rewards unless in possession of a UAV Certificate of Authorization from CAAP that authorizes the person to operate the UAV.

Owners or operators are required to register their equipment with the CAAP, and secure a certification to operate from the agency.

Under the provisions of the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR), any operators found violating rules of the memorandum will be fined between PHP300,000 to PHP500,000 depending on the gravity of violations. (DOTr)