NPC aims for privacy resiliency 

By Kris Crismundo

December 8, 2017, 8:57 am

MANILA -- The National Privacy Commission (NPC) wants the country to be privacy-resilient to prevent violations on data privacy and security.

During the FintQ on Q Session Thursday, NPC Chairman and Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro said the agency's end-goal is to build data privacy resiliency in both public and private sectors, and establish trust among stakeholders.

"My goal is to create resilience in the companies that routinely process personal data so that our countrymen are protected and secure," he said.

With the recent data privacy violations in the country such as data breaches in the Commission on Elections and Uber where personal information of Filipinos were stolen, making data privacy and security more resilient is crucial.

"Ultimately, we are called to realize that the only real answer to such threats is resilience—establishing policies, structures, and protocols that work, providing means to data handlers to prevent damage, and to respond quickly and efficiently once any threat to data privacy emerges," said Liboro.

"Privacy resilience is a concept that we in the NPC have been exploring as we try to contribute to the global discourse on data privacy and security," he added.

He noted that achieving privacy resiliency would mean being aware of threats and risks as well as being prepared to respond quickly and efficiently in order to minimize further damage if there are violations on data privacy and security.

"An entity is privacy resilient when it is able to prevent privacy risks from coming to fruition," the NPC chief said.

"We see ourselves as servants ready to assist in any way we can, with the end-goal of building resilience for all parties, and establishing a regime of trust, stability, and equitable progress," Liboro said. (PNA)