MANILA -- The Philippine Army (PA) does not tolerate any illegal acts committed by any of its personnel.

This was emphasized by Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Ray Tiongson when asked on what the PA plans to do with its personnel caught indiscriminately firing their weapons during the New Year's festivities.

"The police is now investigating the incident. Corporal Richard John Quijano is an active member of the Philippine Army while Staff Sergeant Jamael Mindalano has already retired from the military service since December 31, 2016. While the Philippine Army has no jurisdiction over the retired personnel, Corporal Quijano may face criminal charges, dishonorable separation from the service and forfeiture of all his privileges and retirement benefits if found guilty," he added.

Also, Tiongson said the PA has strict regulations against illegal discharge of firearms and other infractions of the Articles of War.

"As we have established in the past, the Philippine Army does not condone nor tolerate misdemeanor committed by its personnel," he added.

Earlier, Taguig City Police Station operatives arrested Mindalano and Quijano of the Light Reaction Company, Light Reaction Regiment, Special Operations Command for indiscriminate firing, alarm and scandal, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, physical injury, direct assault, resisting arrest and serious disobedience.

Also recovered from their possession were two .45 caliber pistols, a 9mm pistol, a .38 caliber revolver and assorted ammunition.

Their illegal activities were reported to authorities by their victim, Jolly Moreno, who was hit in his right mid-section by a ricocheting bullet during the festivities.

Meanwhile, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson Col. Edgard Arevalo echoed Tiongson's statement.

"The police is now investigating the incident. If proven guilty, they will be punished accordingly," Arevalo said.

"As we have established in the past, the AFP does not condone nor tolerate any misdemeanor of military personnel," the AFP spokesperson stressed. (PNA)