MANILA – The accomplishments of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in the past year has been truly remarkable, Director Oscar Albayalde said during their New Year's Call event Thursday.

"For 2017, our accomplishments on arrests have exceeded that of the previous year with crimes against persons decreasing by 13.87 percent from 8,841 to 7,305 and crime against properties by 20.58 percent from 13,200 to 10,483. Crime Clearance Efficiency increased by 4.27 percent from 82.88 percent to 86.42 percent, as compared to the accomplishments of the year 2016," he said.

The NCRPO chief further said that the so-called Eight Focused Crimes have also shown a significant decrease from 2016 to 2017.

"A total of 17.96 percent decrease in crime volume was recorded: murder decreased by 23.38 percent from 1,976 to 1,514; homicide by 26.69 percent from 577 to 423 incidents; physical injury decreased by 7.62 percent from 4,830 to 4,462; rape decreased by 17.49 percent from 1,098 to 906 incidents," he added.

Robbery likewise decreased by 16.04 percent from 3,603 incidents to 3,025, and theft by 19.92 percent from 8,059 to 6,454 incidents. Car theft decreased by 48.90 percent from 317 to 162 incidents, and motorcycle theft by 31.04 percent from 1,221 to 842 incidents, he said.

"The continuous decrease of these eight focused crimes is attributed to the NCRPO’s intensified implementation of Project Double Barrel Alpha, Project Double Barrel Reloaded, and the intensified implementation of our Enhanced Managing Police Operations," Albayalde said.

Also, the NCRPO's accomplishments on the war against illegal drugs have been notable, resulting in the voluntary surrender of another 29,087 and the arrest of 17,487 drug offenders.

"We have seized a total of more or less 755 kg. of shabu, 34.6 kg. of marijuana, 211 ecstacy tablets, which collectively amounted to more than PHP3.77 billion (PHP3,778,049,481.15 to be exact)," he added.

As for the war against illegal gambling, the NCRPO conducted 2,759 police operations that resulted in the arrest of 8,093 offenders; 2,836 filed cases; and the confiscation of PHP1,191,385.25. (PNA/Photo from Oscar Albayalde FB page)