Large ancient tomb groups found in China

January 24, 2018, 1:33 pm

SHENYANG -- Two sites of ancient tombs dating back 1,000 years were discovered in northeast China's Liaoning Province, local archaeological authorities said Wednesday.

The Liao Dynasty ‎(916-1125) tombs were unearthed at a cultural relic site in Kangping County in Shenyang City, after an excavation that started in April 2017, according to Shenyang archaeology institute.

Nearly 500 items were also found, including over 20 pieces of well-preserved exquisite porcelain dating back to the Song Dynasty ‎(960-1279).

Zhao Xiaogang, deputy head of the institute, said one of the tomb groups was believed to belong to noblemen of the Khitan ethnic group.

Inside the three large brick tombs, a number of precious funeral objects were found, such as outer coffins and gilded silk face masks.

Near the tombs, the relics of a large house were also excavated.

Zhao said the discoveries were valuable to the study of the burial traditions of the Khitan nobility in the Liao Dynasty.

The Liao Dynasty was founded by a nomadic Khitan and ruled a northern part of China. (Xinhua)