DAVAO CITY -- Resigned vice mayor Paolo Duterte could still muster votes if he runs again for political office based on the net political capital in a local survey in Davao City.

But Dr. Adrian Tamayo of the University Of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) said the former vice mayor’s net political capital of 38 percent could slip through his fingers if left uncared.

The IPO survey, which covered 1,200 respondents across the three congressional districts of the city, showed that 58 percent still trust the presidential son and 42 percent have lost their confidence. The IPO used the +/-3 margin of error in the survey.

“In general, the Dabawenyos still trust Paolo as their leader. Fifty-eight in every 100 maintain sustained confidence while the remaining 42 percent lost their confidence. Therefore, Paolo maintains a net political capital of 38 percent,” explained Tamayo during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at the SM City Annex on Monday.

With a very narrow window of 4 percent, Tamayo said Paolo would need a good machinery and effective political strategy to get back from where he has left.

To recall, the former vice mayor resigned from his post at the height of the issue between him and his daughter Isabelle. He was also dragged into the controversial smuggling issue at the Bureau of Customs.

According to Tamayo, the IPO conducted the survey to get the opinion and to measure the sentiments of the Dabawenyos on Paolo’s resignation.

The survey showed that for every 100 Dabawenyos, 54 considered the resignation unnecessary; 34 supported it; while, 12 were hesitant to give an opinion. The IPO noted that those who remain unmoved by the resignation amidst the controversies are mostly found in the first district.

Tamayo said the former vice mayor maintains higher popularity rate in the second district compared to the third district.

Paolo also has a strong following among the 30-39 years old and a good number of them belong to Class C.

In reaction to the survey, the former vice mayor thanked the people for the continued trust and support as one of the leaders in the city.

In a press statement, Paolo said, “It was my honor to have served you, and I will always be honored to continue serving you in the best possible way -- even if I am out of politics.”

But he asked the understanding of the Dabawenyos on his decision. “Dili sad to dali, apan nakabalo naman kamo sa akong rason ug sa akong kahimtang (It was not easy, but you know my reason and my situation),” he said.

“I truly value your unwavering support and trust. While I am humbled by this, it gives me the courage and the inspiration to work and support the objectives, plans, and programs of both our local government and national government as a private individual,” Paolo added.

Given this, the presidential son urged the people to continue helping the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte overcome challenges it is facing. (Lilian C. Mellejor/PNA)