EU Ambassador Franz Jessen (PNA file photo)

MANILA --The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) between the European Union (EU) and the Philippines will enter into force on March 1, the EU Delegation in Manila said Wednesday.

In a statement, EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen welcomed the movement on the two parties' bilateral ties.

"I am happy to see the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement coming into force. The EU-Philippine relations are now firmly anchored on an ambitious and shared agreement," he said.

Through ratification of the PCA, the EU and the Philippines have reaffirmed their joint commitment to the principles of good governance, democracy, the rule of law, the promotion of social and economic development, as well as to peace and security in the region.

The agreement provides new and enhanced legal framework, enabling the EU and the Philippines to strengthen their bilateral relationship, in particular on political, social and economic matters, including human rights.

The PCA, signed in 2012, has now been ratified by all of the parties after ratification by the Senate of the Philippines on January 22, 2018.

The EU Delegation said this reflects the longstanding partnership the EU has with the people of the Philippines and its commitment to investing in a strong and beneficial relationship that benefits both parties' citizens. (PNA)