MANILA -- Technology firm Lenovo launched on Thursday a new line of ThinkPads or laptops, which were touted to have been specifically designed for the workforce and the millennials.

Lenovo Philippines said the new line, consisting of five new ThinkPads, is the company's way of helping provide improved performance support to the job market and the millennials.

Based on the International Data Corporation (IDC) study commissioned by Lenovo, millennials might make up more than 50 percent of the workforce by 2020.

This was Lenovo has come up with the new line that was specifically designed for the workforce, Lenovo Philippines country general manager Michael Ngan told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Ngan said the main feature of the new line of laptops is the camera for facial recognition access because the company values security.

"When you go to your desk, the camera detects you, and that would serve as the password. When you leave your desk, the computer will automatically be locked. When you go back, you don't need to type a password or swipe your fingerprint. The camera will detect you as the user and it will unlock itself," he explained.

This aims to prevent hacking, and also to prevent unauthorized users, he added.

The camera uses the "glance technology." Ngan said it would only be possible for another user to use the same unit if his or her face was registered on it.

"It will also be impossible to access the computer if the person will use your photo because it's flat. It has to detect a 3D object. It also has to detect the eyes that are moving," Ngan said, noting that these are all part of the camera's security measures.

Another key feature is the rapid charging technology. According to Ngan, from 0 percent, these laptops can be charged up to 80 percent within an hour. He said most notebooks in the market will take up two hours to be fully-charged.

The new laptops were also designed to avoid accidental presses to the keyboard.

Ngan added that the new ThinkPads are also ideal for people on the go.

The laptops have USB-C power adapters for universal charging. Also, these units, he said, are lighter than the other Lenovo products or previous ThinkPad lines.

Lenovo claimed that these units have surpassed some durability tests, including on humidity and low temperature.

ThinkPads L380 and E480 are now available from Lenovo dealers.

ThinkPads X280, T480, and T480S, on the other hand, will be available in April. (PNA)