BAGUIO CITY -- The gates of Benguet province's two big dams, Ambuklao and Binga Dams, were opened to release water around Saturday afternoon, as water in both dams was nearing critical levels.

In a situation report, the Cordillera Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (DRRMC) said five gates of the Ambuklao dam were opened -- three gates at 1.5 meters high and two gates at 0.5 meters.

Ambuklao’s water level was recorded at 749.80 meters, a few meters before reaching its critical level of 752 meters.

Binga dam had opened seven gates -- five at 2.5 meters high and two at 1 meter high.

Binga’s reservoir water level at 5 p.m. was recorded at 572.64 meters, closely hitting its critical level of 575 meters.

The two dams are the catchment basins of water coming from the upland Cordillera, draining to the Agno River down to San Roque Dam. (PNA)