MANILA -- Filipinos holding a non-immigrant B2 United States visa, who are planning to visit Argentina, may now find it easier to apply for a visa in the South American country.

The Argentine government has included the Philippines among a group of selected countries that may avail of easier access to Argentine visa, the Philippine Embassy in Buenos Aires said Wednesday.

The South American nation released Resolution 33/2019 dated February 12, authorizing the inclusion of the Philippines in Argentina’s AVE (Autorizacion Electronica de Viajes) system.

The system grants Filipino nationals, who already have non-immigrant B2 United States visa, planning to visit Argentina the facility of applying for their Argentine visa through the website of the National Directorate for Migration (Direccion Nacional de Migraciones;

"The inclusion of the Philippines on this list is seen to increase tourism and people-to-people exchanges, especially as more Filipinos develop a taste for traveling to new destinations," the Embassy said in a statement.

Argentina had first implemented the AVE for Chinese citizens with valid B2 US visas to facilitate their arrivals without the need to visit an Argentine Embassy in order to obtain a visa.

In the Philippines, Argentines may enter the country visa-free for a period of thirty days. (PNA)