'Love Bus' is in the air

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

April 22, 2019, 5:02 pm

MANILA -- Have you been on the Philippine Airlines' (PAL) Love Bus?
Forty years ago, the flag carrier unveiled the Love Bus logo (a kiss mark) on an Airbus A300B4, a wide-body plane designed for short to medium range routes. At that time, PAL used this unit in its prime routes.

For those who have not seen or rode the plane, worry no more as PAL has just brought back "Love Bus" in the air.
(Photo courtesy of PAL)
"We are celebrating our strong partnership with Airbus. The strong working relationship is now on its 40th year. When the first delivery by Airbus happened in 1979, the aircraft delivery was sealed with a 'kiss mark'. We are doing exactly that 40 years later with the delivery of the Airbus A350 - which we consider outstanding in terms of engine capability, aircraft range as well as cabin design," PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Monday.
PAL's fifth Airbus A350 has a Love Bus logo, and it arrived in Manila last February. PAL has dedicated the A350s for long-haul flights to New York, London and Toronto.
This will also be occasionally utilized for PAL's regional flights, according to Villaluna.
Last April 8, PAL used the brand-new Love Bus for a commercial flight for the first time, to Bangkok.
"We had Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong as options. We actually wanted to fly (this) to London, but people may not be able to get a rushed visa. So we flew this to a place not too far from Manila, so it could still fly other destination later in the evening," PAL vice president for Corporate Communications Jose Perez de Tagle told the PNA.

He said PAL serves Manila-Bangkok route 25 times a week. Cebu-Bangkok, on the other hand, is thrice a week.

"Now we have a partnership with Thai Airways so we could serve other points like Chiang Mai," he remarked.

There were 236 passengers onboard at Love Bus first commercial flight.
Economy seats (Photo courtesy of PAL)
The Airbus A350 has a 295-seating capacity (30 on business class, 24 on premium economy and 241 on regular economy).

The business class and premium economy sections are more spacious and offer a wider legroom.

"Our 6th A350 will be arriving soon and this will also carry the Love Bus theme," Villaluna said. (PNA)