PRRD's net satisfaction rating soars to record-high ‘excellent’

By Ruth Abbey Gita-Carlos

January 21 2020, 9:45 pm

<p><strong>RECORD-HIGH EXCELLENT RATING</strong>. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte presides over the 45th Cabinet Meeting at the Malacañan Palace on January 6, 2020. A latest Social Weather Survey showed Duterte’s net satisfaction rating soared to new record “excellent” +72. <em>(Presidential photo by Rey Baniquet)</em></p>

RECORD-HIGH EXCELLENT RATING. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte presides over the 45th Cabinet Meeting at the Malacañan Palace on January 6, 2020. A latest Social Weather Survey showed Duterte’s net satisfaction rating soared to new record “excellent” +72. (Presidential photo by Rey Baniquet)

MANILA — Public satisfaction with President Rodrigo Duterte’s work performance reached a fresh record-high in the September to December 2019 period, according to the latest survey released by pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) on Monday.

The December 13 to 16 poll by SWS revealed that 82 percent of adult Filipinos are satisfied with Duterte’s performance, while only 10 percent are dissatisfied.

Only 8 percent could not say whether they are satisfied or not, SWS noted.

“Compared to September 2019, gross satisfaction with President Duterte rose by 4 points from 78 percent, gross undecided fell by 1 point from 9 percent, and gross dissatisfaction fell by 3 points from 13 percent,” the poll said.

The survey results yielded a net satisfaction score of “excellent” +72, up by seven points from September 2019’s “very good” +65.

The poll results also showed the President’s “new personal record that surpassed the previous record ‘very good’ +68 in June 2019,” SWS said.

The seven-point rise in Duterte's net satisfaction rating was due to increases in Balance Luzon (“very good” +66 from “very good” +54), the Visayas (“excellent” +69 from “excellent” +74), and Mindanao (“excellent” +81 from “excellent” +76), combined with a steady score in Metro Manila (“very good” +66).

Net satisfaction with Duterte’s performance also rose by nine points in urban (“excellent” +75 from “very good” +66) and five points in rural areas (“very good” +69 from “very good” +64).

The President’s net satisfaction also rose among classes ABC (“excellent” +76 to “excellent” +70), D (“excellent” +72 from “very good” +66), and E (“excellent” +71 from “very good” +57).

There was also an increased net satisfaction among men (“excellent” +73 from “very good” +66) and women (“excellent” +71 from “very good” +64), as well as among age groups 18 to 24 (“excellent” +73 from “very good” +64), 25 to 37 (“very good” +67 from “very good” +64), 35 to 44 (“excellent” +78 from “very good” +63), 45 to 54 (“very good” +64 from “very good” +63), and 55 and above (“excellent” +77 from “very good” +68).

Duterte's net satisfaction rating also rose by one to “excellent” from “very good” among elementary school (+78 from +60), high school graduates (+70 from +67), and college graduates (+73 from +67).

It stayed very good among non-elementary school graduates, at +64 in December, down by 1 point from +65 in September.

52% expect Duterte’s all promises fulfilled

The same SWS survey found that 52 percent of adult Filipinos are expecting the Chief Executive to fulfill “all or nearly all/most of his promises.”

Respondents were asked: “In your opinion, how many of the promises of President Rody Duterte can be fulfilled? [All or nearly all of the promises, Most of the promises, A few of the promises, Almost none or none of the promises])".

A total of 16 percent expressed confidence that Duterte can live up to “all or nearly all” of his promises, 36 percent said “most” promises will be fulfilled, 42 percent believed only a “few” will be carried out, while the remaining 5 percent answered “none or almost none.”

“The latest proportion of 52 percent expecting nearly all/most of President Duterte's promises to be fulfilled is 4 points above the 48 percent (13 percent all or nearly all, 35 percent most) in December 2018,” SWS said.

“When first asked in June 2016, 63 percent expected nearly all/most of his promises to be fulfilled, before it declined to 56 percent in September 2016 and 52 percent in March 2017,” it added.
72% worry a ‘great deal’ about Duterte’s health

The poll also revealed that 72 percent of adult Filipinos expressed worry over the health of the 74-year-old President.

A total of 25 percent worried a “great deal” while the other 47 percent are “somewhat worried.” Only 28 percent said they are not worried, with 13 percent being “not worried at all and the other 15 percent being “somewhat not worried.”

SWS the results were similar to June 2019 poll which showed that 74 percent were worried and 26 percent were not worried about the President’s health.

The latest poll also bared that 61 percent said Duterte’s state of health is “a public matter, that is why the public should be informed of everything about this.”

Only 37 percent believed that the Chief Executive’s health condition is a “private matter, that is why the public does not need to be informed of everything about this.”

Around 1,200 adult Filipinos were interviewed using sampling error margins of ±3 percentage points for national percentages, and ±6 percentage points each for Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. (PNA)