FIRE IN BATAAN. SFO4 Rusoler Tayag, fire marshal of Orani, Bataan, says at least 24 houses were destroyed by a blaze that took place in Barangay Pantalan Bago of the town on Tuesday (Mar. 3, 2020). He said they are still investigating the cause of the fire that affected some 26 families. (Photo by Ernie Esconde)

ORANI, Bataan – A huge fire razed on Tuesday 24 houses, affecting 26 families, in a village here just past midnight.

SFO4 Rusoler Tayag, Orani fire marshal, said Wednesday the blaze broke out in Barangay Pantalan Bago at 12:05 a.m. and declared fire out at 2:16 a.m.

He said the fire reached the second alarm with five firetrucks from nearby towns of Dinalupihan, Hermosa, Samal and Abucay responding.

Tayag said they were still investigating the cause and the extent of damage of the fire. 

“Pagdating namin malaki na sunog. Dikit dikit ang mga bahay kaya mabilis natupok (When we arrived, the fire was already big. The houses were destroyed in the fire so fast because they were too close to one another),” he said.

He said villagers helped the firemen with the use of buckets.

“Pinapa-alaala namin hindi lang ngayon na ipractice natin ang safety. May tema kami ngayon na ‘Matuto ka, Sunog ay Iwasan’. Sana ang malaking sunog na ito ay huli na (We are reminding that safety should not only be practiced now. We now have our theme ‘Matuto ka, Sunog ay Iwasan’. I hope that this big fire will be the last),” he said.

Tayag said their fire prevention advocacy will fail if the people will not observe safety at all times.

He said some claimed that cause of fire was a quarreling couple residing in the house where the fire allegedly started.

One of the victims, Eddie Bunsoy, said they were not able to save any of their belongings. (PNA)