Startup asks NGOs to become partners in app

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

May 1, 2020, 6:36 pm

<p>(<em>Giving Hero logo grabbed from its Facebook page</em>)</p>

(Giving Hero logo grabbed from its Facebook page)

MANILA -- A startup company is urging non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to partner with them and promote their fundraising campaigns through an app it created to enable the public to donate to various causes at their fingertips.
Giving Hero, a business incubatee of the University of the Philippines - Diliman's UPSCALE Innovation Hub that is being supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), created its self-named app.
In an email correspondence with the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Friday, Giving Hero co-founder Junver Arcayna said that currently, there are seven NGO partners that can be found in the app. Three more NGOs have expressed interest, and these three are expected to be included in the app within 24 hours.
"(Their) causes vary from the environment, health, children, clean water. There will be more causes as we (welcome) partners, he said.
The app has been available for download via Google Play and App Store since March 25. As of Thursday, more than PHP40,000 donations were already processed, he added.
Giving Hero app can be downloaded for free. "We built this app knowing that many NGOs are yet to embrace digital transformation, and that they may have a hard time putting up payment options for donors. For the donors, it allows them to have a donation tracker, and a record of the impact they have (created) from giving," Arcayna explained.
At present, their partner NGOs were referred to them, but any NGO who would want to be included in the platform may coordinate with them directly, he said.
Meanwhile, Arcayna said users can track their total amount of donations, as well the number of beneficiaries supported.
Further, Giving Hero is already developing a dashboard for NGOs to enable them to easily track how much they are receiving. This dashboard will be launched soon, he said. (PNA)