Anti-terror bill needed as terror tactics evolve: Zambo solon

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. and Salvador Santiago

June 10, 2020, 1:08 pm

<p>Zamboanga City 2nd district Rep. Jose Manue Dalipe II. <em>(PNA file photo)</em></p>

Zamboanga City 2nd district Rep. Jose Manue Dalipe II. (PNA file photo)

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Second District Rep. Jose Manuel Dalipe II said Tuesday he voted in favor of the anti-terrorism bill to bolster the ability of the military and the police to fight terrorism in the country.

Dalipe said his position to support the bill primarily hinges on the terrorists' evolving methods to sow terror among the public.

“The terrorists have innovated their tactics, they don’t fight in the mountains anymore. They are now amidst the people, they blended, camouflage and more dangerous,” Dalipe said.

Dalipe, who is vice-chairperson of the Committee on National Defense in the 17th Congress, said Filipinos have nothing to worry about the bill because the lawmakers have placed safeguards to prevent abuses.

He said he understands the apprehension of various groups that fear that the bill--once it becomes law-- could be used to arrest, detain without charges, torture, or be a tool for extrajudicial killings by rogue security forces.

“I understand their fear, but there are safeguards on the bill. When the President declared martial law in Mindanao, there are several people who at first were apprehensive that many will die. But have we ever heard that the military and police committed abuses?” said Dalipe, a son of a retired military pilot.

He was also confident the all the provisions in the proposed Anti-Terror Act of 2020 can pass Constitutional muster.

As another layer of guarantee, he said the measure could even be amended or repealed in case of violations on the part of the authorities. (PNA)