3D modeling for Del Pilar vessels upgrades now completed: Navy

By Priam Nepomuceno

October 14, 2020, 9:46 am

<p>Philippine Navy chief, Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo. <em>(File photo)</em></p>

Philippine Navy chief, Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo. (File photo)

MANILA – The 3D modeling for the cabling system of the ongoing electronic upgrades of the three Gregorio Del Pilar offshore patrol vessels in the Philippine Navy (PN) service has been completed. 

"The project is currently undergoing contract implementation. The 3D modeling for the cabling system was successfully rendered just recently. The upgrade of the three ships is expected to be completed by November 2023," Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) Tuesday night.

3D modeling refers to the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions through specialized software.

"The completion of the project will not only enhance the performance of the ship but will also elevate the operating systems at par with modern ships," Bacordo added.

The PN, through the Department of National Defense (DND), has awarded the contract seeking to beef up the electronics capabilities of the three Del Pilar-class offshore vessels in service to Hanwha Systems Co., Ltd. in August 2019.

The project aims to beef up the ships' electronic capabilities and make them more capable of patrolling and conducting inter-agency operations in the country's territorial waters.

Specifically, the upgrade seeks to enhance the ships' combat management systems, electronic support, and sonar capability.

It has a contract of PHP1.54 billion, which will be sourced from the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Modernization Trust Fund.

Hanwha Systems Co., Ltd. won the contract with its bid of PHP1,304,200,000. 

The Del Pilar-class ships were three former US Coast Guard Hamilton-class cutters that were converted into frigates and offshore patrol vessels.

These are the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PS-15), BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS-16), and BRP Andres Bonifacio (PS-17).

Each ship has a gross tonnage of 3,250 tons, a length of 378 feet, a beam of 43 feet, and a draft of 15 feet. Its propulsion systems consist of two diesel engines and two gas turbine engines, giving it a top speed of 29 knots.

It has a cruising range of 14,000 miles and a loiter time of 45 days and is armed with a 76mm Oto Melara automatic cannon, 25mm and 20mm light cannons, and .50 caliber machine guns. (PNA)