SURRENDER. Two supporters of the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria-inspired Dawla Islamiyah surrender Tuesday (Nov. 24, 2020) to government authorities in Madalum town, Lanao del Sur. Photo shows one of the two surrenderers handing over a rifle to Prof. Cosain Umpa, a consultant of the Madalum municipal government, who negotiated for the surrender of the two. (Photo courtesy of the Army's 55th Infantry Battalion)

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Two supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-inspired Dawla Islamiyah (DI) remnants have surrendered to government authorities in the province of Lanao del Sur, officials said Wednesday.

The two supporters surrendered two days after the parents and five siblings of Faharudin Satar alias Abu Bakar, the leader of the remaining members of DI group, yielded to the 55th Infantry Battalion also in Lanao del Sur.

Lt. Col. Franco Raphael Alano, commander of the 55th Infantry Battalion, identified the two supporters as Agar Sarif and Mansa Sarif.

"They yielded to our Community Support Program team around 9 a.m. Tuesday in Barangay Liangan 1, Madalum, Lanao del Sur," Alano said, adding their surrender came after negotiations initiated by Prof. Cosain Umpa, a consultant of Madalum municipal government.

Alano said the two turned over two high-powered firearms --a U.S-made caliber .30 M1 Garand rifle and a Stagarms M4 Rifle.

Last Friday, Fatima Pombaya Hadji Satar and Pangalian Petilan Satar, the parents of Faharudin, surrendered and turned over one Garand rifle to Alano.

The next day, Farahudin's five siblings also surrendered to Alano at his headquarters in Barangay Dilausan, Madalum, Lanao del Sur.

Maj. Gen. Generoso Ponio, Army’s 1st Infantry Division commander, identified them as follows: Falac Petilan Pangalian; Faisal Pumbaya Pangalian; Faiz Pumbaya Pangalian; Fattah Petilan Pangalian; and, Fahad Pumbaya Hadji Satar.

Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo II, commander of the Army's 103rd Infantry Brigade, said Wednesday the military offensives would "relentlessly continue to prevent the remnants of the DI group to conduct terror attacks and recruitment of teenagers as fighters."

Cuerpo said the Army will continuously encourage the DI remnants and their supporters to return to the fold of the law. (PNA)