ANIMATED SERIES. "Wikaharian" is an animated series for teaching reading. The Knowledge Channel and the NCCA completed 80 lessons that would help instill Filipino values and traditions among Grade 1 students. (Photo taken during the virtual presser on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020).

MANILA – Knowledge Channel and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) on Tuesday announced a partnership for the "Wikaharian" --an animated series of lessons for Grade 1 students.
In a virtual presser, NCCA deputy executive director Marichu Tellano said the partnership would broaden and enrich the cultural education among young learners.
"Wikaharian is our first endeavor to integrate arts and culture in subjects like reading," she said.
Tellano added through Knowledge Channel's partnership with NCCA, "Wikaharian" would instill appreciation and pride in being a Filipino among young students.
She said the NCCA has been collaborating with the Department of Education (DepEd) in the development of curriculum.
Knowledge Channel's director of transmedia, Edric Calma said "Wikaharian" is a daily lesson about reading, and a pilot test was held last year in Santa Rosa, Laguna. 
A roll out nationwide will begin in January, he said.
DepEd Division of Santa Rosa, Laguna Superintendent Manuela Tolentino said the daily video series brought positive results.
"This (video series) gave them (students) the interest to look forward to the next lesson," Tolentino said, adding this made the students to "love" reading since this is different from the usual type of teaching in the classroom.
Tolentino said the videos are both in English and Filipino, and DepEd Santa Rosa has been using these since August 2019.
Knowledge Channel president Rina Lopez Bautista said they did a study a few years ago, and saw the need to help students to boost reading and comprehension.
In the study, she said, they learned that students were not ready to learn Grade 4 Math because comprehension needs to be improved.
DepEd Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio acknowledged that a lot has to be done to help youngsters be more competitive and at par with others.
"Wikaharian" is a very creative intervention, and now would develop culture appreciation among the students, he said.
The NCCA and Knowledge Channel completed 80 video lessons for teaching reading, using local stories and contexts that would help students appreciate Filipino traditions, values and beliefs. (PNA)