MANILA – Quezon City residents may now apply online for the unified identification card called ‘QCitizen Card’ which was launched on Thursday.

Mayor Joy Belmonte said in an interview with the Philippine News Agency, this will help the city government obtain an accurate database of residents.

“All of them will have an ID card and every sector will have a different card so hindi tayo nanghuhula (kung) ilan ba ang bata, ilan ang matanda (we won’t have to guess the number of children or senior citizens), we will have an exact number to work with, it’s very accurate and we can also plan better how to utilize the funds of the city,” Belmonte said.

As the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine is expected to arrive soon, Belmonte said the QCitizen Card may be used for the rollout of the vaccination program.

She said the QCitizen ID Card will be used to determine the priority list for the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Belmonte added that the QCitizen Card is almost the same as the National ID that will be implemented by the national government.

She said this is digital and is connected to the QC database.

“Every individual, for example, a senior citizen, your ID will have a unique number assigned to you and by typing in your number we should know that you are a senior citizen from this barangay,” Belmonte said in a mix of English and Filipino.

Belmonte said she expects that by the end of February, the city government will be able to finish documenting all residents.

She said with the Covid-19 vaccination program, the city will be able to test the efficacy of the QCitizen ID Card.

Aside from the Covid-19 vaccination campaign which Belmonte said should be their first program to make use of the QCitizen Card, the ID will also be used by the city for future programs and services.

Meanwhile, the QC government said residents may register for the QCitizen ID by creating their own profile account by signing up at

To avoid committing mistakes, a step-by-step online application process may be accessed through

Meanwhile, residents who do not have internet access need not worry as the city government will be conducting an in-person, on-the-ground registration drive in barangays in the coming weeks.

Every individual should create their own account to be able to register.

Residents who are eligible to sign up are those who have government-issued ID or barangay certificate from QC.

Belmonte said the ground registration will be piloted in Barangay Central on January 15 giving priority to senior citizens, PWDs, and front-liners. (PNA)