EMBEDDED BLADE. An X-ray shows a four-inch kitchen knife blade inside the right abdomen area of 25-year-old Kent Ryan Tomao from Kidapawan City. He went to a radio station Wednesday (March 24, 2021) to seek help from Good Samaritans for his plight. (Photo courtesy of DXND Kidapawan)

COTABATO CITY – A 25-year-old man from Kidapawan City is seeking help from Good Samaritans to remove a knife blade embedded in the right area of his abdomen for more than a year now.

Kent Ryan Tomao said Wednesday he was surprised to find in his X-ray results that a four-inch blade was still inside his stomach after a knife attack late last year.

Tomao was applying for a job at a mining firm in Agusan del Sur and had to undergo an X-ray. It was then that the blade was discovered in his abdomen.

Recalling the stabbing incident, Tomao told a local radio station in Kidapawan City that he was driving a motorbike when someone stabbed him.

“I thought it was just a punch,” Tomao said in the vernacular, adding that he could feel pain every time the weather is cold.

“I trusted the doctors who checked on me, and I don’t know if an X-ray was performed on me last year,” he said.

Tomao went to the radio station to seek help so the knife-edge can be safely removed from his abdomen. Filing charges against the doctor is not in his mind at this time.

He also could not remember the medical facility where he was treated.

“I am just seeking help so it can be removed,” he said. (PNA)