‘Rix The Seminarian’ propagates God’s word through vlogs

By Marita Moaje

April 1, 2021, 5:29 pm

<p><strong>UNCONVENTIONAL.</strong> Enrico Macrohon, or Rix The Seminarian to his online followers, uses vlogs to teach about the Catholic faith. He said his digital knowledge should be put to good use. <em>(Photo courtesy of Rix The Seminarian Facebook)</em></p>

UNCONVENTIONAL. Enrico Macrohon, or Rix The Seminarian to his online followers, uses vlogs to teach about the Catholic faith. He said his digital knowledge should be put to good use. (Photo courtesy of Rix The Seminarian Facebook)

MANILA – The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic that forced people to stay indoors, even while working, propagated the use of social media and digital platforms.

The internet has undoubtedly become one of man’s greatest inventions as sending messages, thoughts, and stories in just one click is now possible.

University of Santo Tomas seminarian and vlogger Enrico Macrohon was one of those who saw the opportunity to utilize social media platforms to spread God’s word.

In particular, he made use of his skills in video making, which has been his hobby since he was young.

Now known in the digital world as Rix The Seminarian, he said he is using his gifts to give back, he told L'Osservatore Romano, the daily newspaper of Vatican City, in a story published last year.

He wants to be different by reaching out and explaining the Word of God not in a ho-hum manner.

He wanted a new style that will make more people understand the Catholic faith and enlighten them, especially his fellow young people.

“Holy Week na naman, guys, at kung kelan Holy Week dun pa isinara ang mga simbahan pero wag kayong mag alala, guys. Pwede pa rin nating samahan si Hesus sa pinakamahalagang ganap sa kaniyang buhay at sa ating buhay bilang mga Katoliko kung alam lang natin yung mga malalim na kahulugan ng mga magaganap sa buhay Niya ngayong Holy Week (It’s Holy Week once again but unfortunately, our churches are closed, but we can still journey with Jesus in the most important event of His life if we Catholics only knew the real essence of what transpired during Holy Week),” he said in his latest vlog.

The 26-year-old Macrohon, who has been vlogging for two years now, vividly recalled his reaction after he came out with his very first vlog.

He said he almost fainted when he saw that more than 100,000 watched and “liked” his video.

Ang aral sa aming mga Katoliko, ang rebulto hindi diyos. Kayo lang naman ang nag–iisip na ang mga rebulto ay extra Diyos. IIsa lang ang Diyos, alam naming mga Katoliko yan (We Catholic were taught that images and statues are not God. It’s only you who thinks that images are like extra Gods. There is only one God, and we Catholics know that),” he said in one of his vlogs.

Through his vlogs, Macrohon tries to explain the dynamics of the Catholic faith that members of other sects often misinterpret.

Seeing that more and more people watch his videos, he realized that vlogging is like speaking simultaneously in hundreds of churches.

The thought overwhelmed him and he realized how big his responsibility is.

His unconventional way of vlogging has already gained him more than 413,000 followers and a regular audience.

“Big or small, I am like Judas whenever I sin. Thank you for your wake-up message, Bro. Rix,” netizen Lourdes de Guzman wrote on the comment section.

Sejac Amreh commented that the messages hit him straight like an arrow.

Aray ko, Bro. Rix! 'Yung noo ko lumalapad kada sapok. Pero thank you for reminding us this. May mga times na nakakalimutan na maging mabuting tao. Patawad po, Lord (Ouch Bro. Rix. Thank you for reminding us. There are times when we forget how to be a good person. Please forgive us, Lord),” he wrote

Nabubuhayan ako, pag napapanood kita. Sarap makinig sayo, Bro. Rix. Nakakatawa pero may ibig iparating ang mensahe mo (I regain hope every time I watch you. It feels good listening to you, Bro. Rix. You’re funny but your words send messages across),” another follower, Ronald Bill Barra Yumang, commented.

His rising popularity aside, Macrohon always reminds himself to remain humble.

“Just like many young people, I have many dreams but being a seminarian is on top of this list so I can be a good priest and fulfill the Lord’s will,” he said.

Eventually, he told L'Osservatore Romano, he wants to study for a licentiate in Theology in Rome, "to be able to meet Pope Francis to tell him that I pray for him and support his work in reforming the Church.” (PNA)