BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT. Officials and members of civil groups Alpha Kappa Rho and Philippine Eagles Club pose with Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan (in blue shirt) in an undated photo. The groups have volunteered to help in the painting project which is scheduled to start on Wednesday night (April 21, 2021) in line with the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Mactan. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Junard Chan)

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu – The city government of Lapu-Lapu is embarking on a beautification project through a simultaneous painting across the city, in line with the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Mactan.

Mayor Junard Chan announced in a social media post on Tuesday that the undertaking will start on Wednesday night.

Chan said the civil groups Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho) and Philippine Eagles Club have extended support to the beautification project, with the latter also turning over a PHP90,000 check donation to the city government, aside from its commitment to send painters.

“I am glad that the two groups have volunteered to send their members who will help us paint the walls along our streets especially those already vandalized,” the mayor said.

He said some 500 painters are needed to do the city’s branding images as well as repainting job on vandalized walls.

The branding images of Lapu-Lapu, which seeks to be known as the “Historic Resort City", include government buildings, street posts, islands, government vehicles, and even uniforms of government employees.

The branding colors painted on government infrastructure signify the character of the Oponganons (residents of the island): sky blue means independent and trustworthy, yellow means positive and warm, orange means fun, and green means healthy and balanced.

Chan said the city government has saved much from the beautification project, as Cebu-based Island Premium Paints has committed to providing materials for the activity.

He noted that the previous administration spent about PHP57 million for the paint alone for a similar activity.

The simultaneous painting will start around 6 p.m. until early dawn on Thursday.

Chan said they decided to conduct the painting at night to prevent the painters from being exposed to the heat of the sun.

“I thank the volunteers for being with us in our aim to beautify our city,” he said. (PNA)