5G HACKATHON. Natasha Bautista, 917Ventures head of Marketing Communication and Program Management, says the winner will have the chance to turn his/her idea into reality. Up to PHP2.5 million funding and a chance to be part of 917Ventures can be won in the 5G Hackathon. (Photo taken during the virtual launch on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

MANILA – Students, professionals, and startup firms are all invited to pitch their ideas, get mentorships from technology experts, and stand a chance for up to PHP2.5 million funding by joining Globe and Animo Lab's 5G Hackathon.

At the virtual launch on Tuesday, Globe director of Technology Strategy Gerhard Tan said workshops include mentorships on 5G, Cloud, Internet of things (IoT), edge computing, and machine learning.

The top 30 participants proceed with the competition while the top 10 will join the hackathon and develop the prototypes of their ideas. A total of PHP500,000 cash prizes is at stake, he said.

Tan noted that the 5G Hackathon will serve as an opportunity to come up with new services and solutions using 5G.

Issa Cabreira, Globe's chief commercial officer, said students across the country are invited to turn their ideas into reality.

Among the fields where participants could explore the use of 5G is in education, healthcare, and livelihood. Here, they could come up with ideas on remote consultation and addressing learning gaps.

They could also explore how 5G could increase efficiency in retail, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. Pitches should depict how 5G could redefine businesses.

Disaster risk management is another area that participants could focus on, and show 5G's power to transmit data.

Chance to be part of 917Ventures 

The winner will have a chance to turn his or her idea into a venture company, said Natasha Bautista, head 917Ventures head of Marketing Communication and Program Management.

"We are looking for great talents, great ideas, those who could provide solutions to everyday problems," she said.

Bautista said qualified for this opportunity are those with very strong skills, preferably with experience. As for the ideas, she said they prefer those that are related to financial technology, data, healthcare.

The winner can receive up to PHP2.5 million funding from 917Ventures' Velocity, a venture builders program.

Meanwhile, the workshops are scheduled between May to June, and participants could learn from experts from Alibaba, Google, Huawei, among others. (PNA