More than 1.16B vaccine jabs done across world

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ANKARA – More than 1.16 billion coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine jabs have been given worldwide so far, according to data gathered by the Our World in Data website.

China is the world's most vaccinated country with 275.3 million vaccine jabs, the site said, followed by the US with nearly 245.6 million, India with 154.2 million, the UK with 49.8 million, Brazil with 43.2 million, Germany with 30.2 million, and Turkey with nearly 23.9 million vaccine jabs.

The list continues with France with 22.3 million vaccine jabs, followed by Italy with 20.8 million, Indonesia with 20.1 million, Russia with nearly 20.1 million, Mexico with 18.3 million, Spain with 16.4 million, Chile with 14.9 million, Canada with 13.8 million, and Poland with nearly 12 million.

Next comes the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 10.6 million vaccine jabs and Israel with 10.5 million.

The country with the most doses of the vaccine in terms of population was the East African island nation of Seychelles, with 128.98 doses per 100 people.

It was followed by Israel with 120.8 vaccine jabs, the UAE with 107.5 per 100 people, San Marino with 85.4, Chile with 77.7, Malta with 76.9, Bahrain with 74.3, and the Maldives with 73.9.

The US followed with 73.4 jabs, the UK with 73.4, Hungary with 63.7, Bhutan with 62.3, Monaco with 62.2, Qatar with 55.7, Uruguay with 52.8, and Serbia with 51.8.

Turkey No. 7 in number of vaccinations

According to Health Ministry data, Turkey has so far administered more than 23.88 million coronavirus vaccine jabs since a nationwide immunization campaign began on January 14.

More than 14.19 million people have received their first dose, while more than 9.69 million people have been fully vaccinated.

Turkey ranks seventh in the world in terms of the total number of vaccine doses administered, while the number of vaccines per 100 people was 27.28.

North-South divide

In the distribution of vaccines by continent, Asia ranked first with 550.8 million vaccines, followed by North America with 283.3 million and Europe with 230.4 million.

Unfortunately, the continent and regions in the Southern Hemisphere lagged behind those in the North.

Some 77 million vaccine jabs have been done in South America, 17.96 million in Africa, and 2.56 million in Oceania.

Most Covid-19 vaccines are administered in two jabs, so the number of vaccine jabs administered does not mean that the vaccination of the same number of individuals has been completed.

Covid-19 has become a global epidemic, spreading to more than 200 countries and regions.

According to the Worldometer website, the number of cases worldwide is nearly 153.7 million, while more than 3.21 million people have died due to the virus, and 90.37 million people have recovered. (Anadolu)