MANILA – The Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) has formally designated Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison and 18 others, as well as 10 members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and other extremist groups as “terrorists”.

Signed by the council’s chairperson, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, and vice chairperson, Hermogenes Esperon, on April 20, the ATC designated the “central committee members of the Communist Party of the Philippines and New People’s Army also known as Bagong Hukbong Bayan (CPP/NPA), which was designated under Anti-Terrorism Council Resolution No. 12 (2020), as terrorists.”

“The Central Committee(,) as the highest decision- and policy-making body of the CPP, also leads and commands the NPA – its main weapon in attaining the Party’s goal of overthrowing the duly elected government by seizing and consolidating political power through violent means,” Resolution 17, released on Thursday, read.

Based on verified and validated information, the ATC said it found probable cause, as defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), warranting the designation of the following Central Committee members of the CPP for violating Sections 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Act for planning, preparing, facilitating, conspiring, and inciting the commission of terrorism and recruitment to and membership in a terrorist organization or a group organized to engage in terrorism:

*Jose Maria Canlas Sison a.k.a. Joma/Armando Liwanag/Amado Guerrero/Lodi/Pete/Al;

*Vicente P. Ladlad a.k.a. Vic/Terry/Edgar/Ed/Gilbert/Fidel/Isagani/Emilio/Vlady/ Dong/Nonong/ Dino/Ramon/Billy/Bern;

*Rafael D. Baylosis a.k.a. Raul/Rap/Raffy/Lando;

*Jorge Madlos a.k.a. Ka Oris/Mal Fuerza/JS/Jose/Olay/Caloy/Ando/Tatay/Commander Karyo/Raul Castro/Kasky:

*Sison’s wife Julieta de Lima Sison a.k.a. Juliet/Julia/Julie/Socorro/Rojo/Mayette/Leah/Maria C. de Guzman/Commander Lita/Jules/Manet/Marie/Sendang/Yelena/Ylana;

*Rey Claro Cera Casambre a.k.a. Bong;

*Abdias Guadiana a.k.a. Abadias Guadiana/July;

*Alan Valera Jazmines a.k.a Alfonso Jasminez Jr.;

*Benito Enriquez Tiamzon a.k.a Celo;

*Wilma Austria-Tiamzon a.k.a. Ka Wing;

*Adelberto Albayalde SIlva a.k.a. Oca;

*Ma. Concepcion Araneta-Bocala a.k.a. Kata;

*Dionesio Micabalo a.k.a. Muling;

*Myrna Sularte a.ka. Myrna Salarte/Iyay;

*Tirso Lagora Alantara a.k.a. Bart Sot;

*Pedro Heyrona Codaste a.k.a. Gonyong/Kokoy/Inggo/Senyong/Beryong;

*Tomas Dominado a.k.a. Pendong/Asyong/Greg/Tom/Noynoy:

*Ma. Loida Magpatoc a.k.a. Eva/Ka Norsen/Bebyang/Elay /Madam/Gwen;

*Meandro VIllanueva a.k.a. Nelson/Boss/Dennis/Titing/Bok/Ka Luis/WIlly/Jude.

 Under Resolution 16, the ATC also named as terrorists 10 members of the ASG, which has been previously designated as a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council. They are:

 *Esmael Abdulmalik a.k.a. Commander Turaifie/Abu Turaifie/Abu Toraype and affiliated with Daulah/Dawlah Islamiyah (DI);

*Raden Abu of ASG and affiliated with DI;

*Esmael Abubakar a.k.a. Cmdr. Bungos/Bungos of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF)-Bungos Faction;

*Muhiddin Animbang a.k.a. Kagiu Karialan/Karialan affiliated with BIFF;

*Salahuddin Hassan a.k.a. Orak/Salah/Tulea/Abu Salman affiliated with DI;

*Radzmil Jannatul a.k.a. Khubayb/Baeb of ASG and affiliated with DI;

*Majan Sahidjuan a.k.a. Apo Mike/Apoh MIke of ASG and affiliated with DI;

*Faharudin Benito Hadji Satar a.k.a. Jer Mimbantas/Abu Zacaria of the Maute Group and affiliated with DI;

*Mudsrimar Sawadjaan a.k.a. Mundi Sawadjaan of ASG and affiliated with DI; and

*Almujer Yadah a.k.a. Mujir of the ASG and affiliated with DI.

Justice Undersecretary Adrian Sugay, member of the Department of Justice Technical Working Group, said if individuals could be determined to have violated relevant provisions of the ATA, the Revised Penal Code, and other laws, “and after appropriate proceedings, criminal complaints may be filed against them.”

“This is apart from criminal cases already pending against many of these designated individuals,” Sugay said.

He noted that “most, if not all, of the designated individuals are out of the country or are at large.”

On the identification of assets, Sugay said all relevant information is with the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and is subject to relevant provisions of the anti-money laundering law and the Terrorist Financing and Suppression Act.

The designation of the individuals comes at the heels of the ATC’s December 2020 resolution designating the Islamic State East Asia, Maute Group, Daulah/Dawlah Islamiyah, and other associated groups as terrorist organizations.

The CPP-NPA is also listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines. (PNA)