BAGUIO CITY – The Health Services Office (HSO) has reported the majority of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) deaths here are unvaccinated persons.

Dr. Rowena Galpo, HSO chief, on Friday said this is according to the baseline data of recent fatalities due to the virus.

Galpo said the data are analyzed by the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) and the Management Information Technology Division (MITD) of the City Mayor’s Office.

She added a similar analysis will also be conducted among the recent positive cases to determine who among them are still without the Covid-19 jab.

She said the results will be significant in establishing the effect of vaccination in deterring transmission and deaths.

Galpo said the city’s case fatality rate as of July 5 is 2.02 percent with seven deaths added in the past week for a total of 289 deaths out of 14,503 total cases recorded in the city since 2020.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong during the week also told reporters that 90 percent of the city’s severe cases are unvaccinated individuals belonging to the vulnerable sectors including senior citizens.

“These sectors had been given the chance to first receive the vaccines but they refused the opportunity. Nevertheless, we will not tire from convincing them,” he said.

He said the city will continue its campaign to locate and convince individuals reluctant to get vaccinated especially senior citizens, who are most vulnerable.

As of July 7, the city has vaccinated 109,218 eligible populations, with 34,286 having completed the two doses.

As of July 9, the city has 543 active cases. (PNA)