MANILA – Globe Telecom Inc. (Globe) on Thursday said there is no “malice or intent to violate” the mobile number portability (MNP) law after the delayed MNP implementation of GOMO, a mobile service provider operated by the company.

In a statement, Globe said the MNP service for GOMO will start on October 12, noting that the delay was caused by “birth pains” following the launch of the MNP service on Sept. 30.

“Birth pains are to be expected with the new service. This is especially true in our case because of our multiple brands that have multiple functionalities which are differentiated from our core brands,” the Globe statement read.

It noted that the MNP for its core brands—Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, and TM—are up and running.

The statement was in response to Smart Communications Inc.’s (Smart) complaint to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for GOMO’s failure to take part in the MNP’s launch.

In a letter submitted to the NTC, Smart regulatory affairs manager lawyer Kenneth Regañon criticized GOMO’s failure to implement MNP and urged the regulatory body to investigate the incident.

“Even the President of the Philippines cannot stop the law from being implemented. How then can a unilateral act of one covered by the law, delay implementation?” the letter read.

Globe said it has yet to receive a copy of Smart’s complaint to the NTC and said “all issues and wins” of the MNP are being discussed by Telecommunications Connectivity, Inc. (TCI), the joint venture company composed of Dito Telecommunity, Inc., Globe, and Smart for the implementation of the MNP.

“All service providers are aware of the challenges currently being experienced. It does seem this complaint is being done in bad faith on the part of Smart,” Globe said.

To date, it said GOMO has not yet received a request from a customer to avail of the MNP service.

“We are sincere in our intent to give our mobile customers the ability to choose their favorite provider and we are doing our best to comply,” Globe said.

Earlier, the MNP was launched under the guidance of TCI based on Republic Act 11202 that required all mobile service providers to provide MNP to qualified subscribers.

Under the law, mobile numbers can be ported to a different service provider within 48 hours of the request, with no conditions or procedures imposed “which have the effect of serving as a disincentive or deterrent.” (PNA)