HENERAL TUNA.  A cat from another planet would plan to invade the earthlings, but would instead learn and appreciate Filipino values. The animation series will be aired on social media platforms every Friday starting October 15. (Photo taken from the online media preview on Friday, Oct. 8, 2021

MANILA – A cat from another planet is set to learn Filipino values through the National Commission for Culture and the Arts' (NCCA) animation series, "Heneral Tuna".

This will be aired via the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Facebook page and other social media platforms every Friday starting October 15.

"The NCCA is using animation, short films, teleserye to be able to communicate (message and values) in a subtle yet effective way," said NCCA officer-in-charge executive director Marichu Tellano at the animation's media preview on Friday. 

"Heneral Tuna" is from "Planet Mingming", and will be tasked to observe the earthlings, apparently because he is the best general on their planet. Upon opening his eyes, he was already in a household, wherein family members are taking care of him.

The plan is to invade the earthlings, but "Heneral Tuna" would feel like his heart is softening as he observes the members' values. "Is this what they call 'family'?" "Is this what they call 'love'?" are just among the things he would be curious to find out.

In the first episode, "Heneral Tuna" would see a huge difference as to how the earthlings act compared to those in the "Planet Mingming". He narrated that on his planet, no one would care for a fellow when it gets old.

He was injured when he woke up in a household. There, he would notice that each family member cares for each other, and even takes care of him and gives him food.

The NCCA earlier conducted research on the most important values among Filipinos. They trimmed this down to 20 values, which the NCCA would highlight on their projects.

For "Heneral Tuna", the values that will be shown include love for family and the community, faith, health and wellness, among others. Through the research, the NCCA learned that Filipinos also put great value to attaining education, addressing basic needs, honesty and integrity, resilience, good governance.

Last year, the NCCA launched a teleserye, "Project Destination", to entice the audience to see these values without the need to listen to lectures.

"Heneral Tuna" would have seven episodes, and a run-time of three minutes per episode, according to NCCA. (PNA)