MASS VACCINATION. Iloilo City has vaccinated 112.45 percent of the target eligible population against Covid-19, based on the goal of the national government. However, the city has an accomplishment of 67.61 percent based on the local government target. (Infographic courtesy of Iloilo City Health Office/PIO)

ILOILO CITY – The local government here has vaccinated 112.45 percent of its target eligible population against coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Iloilo City COVID Team spokesperson Jeck Conlu, in an interview with the local media on Monday, said those vaccinated are local residents based on the target set by the national office of the Department of Health (DOH).

“If we base on the target population of the DOH, we are more than the herd immunity,” he said, noting that this highly urbanized city is number one in terms of accomplishment outside of Metro Manila.

The DOH placed 70 percent of the city population at 335,172 based on 2021 data.

As of Nov. 28, the number of fully vaccinated residents already reached 376,897 while those with at least one dose are 426,686 individuals or 127.30 percent.

However, if the data will be based on the city government-identified target, the fully-vaccinated accomplishment as of Nov. 28 was at 67.61 percent or 354, 969 while those with at least one dose was at 408,609 or 77.83 percent, as per data from the Iloilo City Health Office.

Aside from the residents, the city government also included in its vaccination rollout non-residents who are working in the metropolis, thus increasing the target to 525,000 from the initial 400,000.

“We have a higher target population in the city,” Conlu said.

Meanwhile, as of Nov. 28, the city government has administered booster shots to 36,388 individuals.

The local government here has been ramping up its vaccination rollout as it continues to open its economy.

On Monday, it also joined the rollout of the three-day Bayanihan, Bakunahan National Vaccination Days even if the DOH has not set a target for the city due to its high accomplishment rate. (PNA)