Contact sports now allowed in Davao

By Che Palicte

December 7, 2021, 2:38 pm

DAVAO CITY – Contact and non-contact sports are once again allowed here but with certain restrictions.

In Resolution No. 50, the Davao City Task Force Coronavirus Disease 2019 provided additional guidelines in regulating the following contact sports activities- basketball, football, volleyball, and Frisbee.

In an interview Tuesday, Allan Abarca, a local basketball player, welcomed the development.

“I am happy because the active physical activities which were halted for two years are now back,” he told Philippine News Agency (PNA).

“During the time that we are not yet allowed to play basketball, I felt so weak,” Abarca added.

Based on the resolution, games will be played in open field areas and reputable basketball courts registered with the Business Bureau, including those in subdivisions.

Street games in the barangays are prohibited and barangay games can be played in the barangay-owned or managed barangay-covered courts only. Games are strictly by appointment/reservation and no walk-ins.

Only fully-vaccinated players would be allowed to take part in the games and would have to present their legitimate vaccination cards issued by the government, with one entrance and one separate exit. Temperature scanning upon entrance and exit before and after games will also be enforced.

“I just hope that only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to play for the safety of everyone. Based on my experience, before we enter the court, the management checked our vaccination card. No vaccination card, no play policy,” Abarca added.

Players should maintain safe distancing inside the court during games and wearing masks are required when not playing, while voluntary upon playing.

Basketball leagues and other contact sports tournaments are still prohibited as games are strictly for exercise purposes only.

Only 70 percent of the venue's capacity for spectators will be allowed with the presence of a security enforcement group from the barangay.

Lastly, barangays considered “high-risk areas” are still prohibited from the conduct of sports activities until such time they get downgraded to a “low-risk classification." (PNA)