MANILA – Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez said there is no shortage of paracetamol in the local market, and its tight supply is due to delivery issues.

“There might be a temporary tight supply for some brands. But it is due to timing of deliveries to replenish the stocks in the branches of these drugstores,” Lopez told reporters in a text message Tuesday.

He cited that brands such as Biogesic and Decolgen, which are under pharmaceutical firm Unilab, “may be having temporary out of stock situations” in drugstores as the manufacturer cut off deliveries last December.

Delivery of supplies of these paracetamol and analgesic brands will start this week, Lopez said.

He added that other brands of paracetamol have ample supply and there are also generic products in the market.

“There are other brands of paracetamol in the market so there is no shortage,” the DTI chief said.

Avoid panic buying

To avoid panic buying, Lopez said the DTI will direct drugstores to limit the purchase of paracetamol.

The agency is still finalizing the cap for paracetamol purchase per customer.

Aside from the tight supply for some brands, Lopez said there should be no problem in prices of paracetamol.

Lopez also enjoined consumers to report to DTI those that profiteering amid the temporary supply issue of some paracetamol brands.

“(We urged) consumers to file complaint as soon as possible and give details (of) those profiteers and we will charge them,” he said. “And our advice to consumers, they buy from reputable drugstores to ensure fair price according to SRP (suggested retail price).” (PNA)