Death toll climbs to 67 from deadly rains in Brazil

February 17, 2022, 10:39 am

<p><em>(Anadolu photo)</em></p>

(Anadolu photo)

BUENOS AIRES – At least 67 have died after heavy rains hit Petropolis in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, authorities said Wednesday.

The death toll from floods and landslides includes 22 men, 37 women and eight children, according to a report by Brazilia’s G1.

Fifty-four houses were destroyed and 370 people are being housed in shelters.

Also, 400 firefighters are participating in search and rescue efforts in the region but authorities have not yet determined the number of missing people.

Rio de Janeiro state Governor Claudio Castro said the situation resembled "war,” as cars were hanging from poles and the streets were filled with mud and water.

Authorities said Tuesday that Petropolis saw precipitation in six hours for the entire month of February.

More than 900 people died in a flooding tragedy in the city in 2011 and more than 100 people went missing. (Anadolu)