MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced that it has integrated all cadets of the PNP Academy to its payroll management system (PMS) through its online payroll portal.

PNP chief Gen. Dionardo Carlos, in a statement Tuesday, said this was made possible through the PNP Finance Service.

"As PNPA undergoes a five-year transition towards complete PNP administrative and operational jurisdiction, the PNP under his watch shall embrace reforms and innovation to ensure seamless transition with minimal intervention on the management, operation, curriculum development, training and other activities in the Academy," he added.

Carlos said the integration of the PNPA cadets to the PMS provides real-time access to the online payroll portal where cadets can easily view their gross earnings, gross deductions and net pay to include downloading of their individual payslips from any connected device whether they are at home, at work or on-the-go any time of the day.

The portal is equipped with a highly secured web-based information system through the database management maintained by the Finance Service on all financial information as mandated.

There are 1,006 cadets that comprise the PNPA classes belonging to Alab-Kalis Class of 2022, Masidtalak Class of 2023, LayagDiwa Class of 2024 and their Plebes Sinaglawin Class of 2025.

“This continuous fiscal reforms in the organization, specifically on financial transparency, value for money and timely disbursement is in fulfillment of the spirit and intent of Republic Act 11279, otherwise known as “An act transferring the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) and the National Police Training Institute (NPTI) from the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) to the Philippine National Police (PNP),” Carlos said. (PNA)