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MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday distanced from retired members who openly endorse or express support for certain candidates in the May polls.

In a statement, PNP public information office chief Brig. Gen. Roderick Alba said the police force remains nonpartisan and will never endorse any political party or candidate vying for any elective positions.

“With all due courtesies to our retired PNP officers, we respect your political views and opinion as private individuals. But by all means, please spare the PNP from partisan political activity,” Alba said.

Alba said messages in social media posted by retired police officers and other "non-PNP individuals misrepresenting the organization" do not reflect the political views and opinion of the force.

He reiterates the PNP is not in the business of making any political statement or meddling in campaign-related activities of certain candidates or political parties.

“Non-PNP individuals engaged in similar activities are not solely accountable for their unwarranted act of misrepresentation but also the group that hired them for this political propaganda and the candidates who will gain from it,” he added. (PNA)