EXPLOSION. Police and soldiers respond to an explosion on a road near the Kabacan Central Pilot Elementary School in North Cotabato while voting is ongoing at the learning facility Monday (May 9, 2022). Voting continued after the incident. (Photo courtesy of Kabacan MPS)

COTABATO CITY – An improvised bomb went off on election day near a voting center in the North Cotabato town of Kabacan.

Lt. Col. John Miridel Calinga,  Kabacan police chief, said the blast happened at about 9:35 a.m. near the Kabacan Pilot Elementary School in Barangay Poblacion.

The explosive, triggered through a mobile phone, was fashioned from a 60mm mortar explosive left beside the road at the back of the school where voting was ongoing.

“Nobody was hurt and the blast did not stop voters from casting their votes,” Calinga said in an interview.

No one claimed responsibility and police believed it was meant only to sow fear. (PNA)