DAVAO CITY – The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) is now going after 7,732 fined violators of the face mask ordinance who have been unresponsive in settling their penalties, an official said Thursday.

In an interview, DCPO spokesperson Maj. Ma. Teresita Gaspan said they are now on the second week of “backtracking” the list of violators.

They are intensifying their coordination with barangay units to trace and locate face mask ordinance offenders to be warned against their failure to pay the administrative penalty, Gaspan said.

“Those who received citations, please process the payment of your dues,” she said.

Gaspan said around 10,941 persons were apprehended for violating the city's face mask ordinance from January 1 to May 14, 2022.

However, she noted that only 3,209 paid the PHP500 fine as most of the violators failed to pay the penalty and may soon be facing charges.

"We caught a lot of violators, and now we are having a hard time (locating) those who received citations and did not pay the penalty,” Gaspan said.

Once violators are located, Gaspan said they are given three days to pay at the nearest district treasurer's office.

“However, most of them failed to pay, so they will be charged. They might be surprised upon applying for police or National Bureau of Investigation clearance that this violation will be reflected on their records,” she said. (PNA)