Cooperation key to thriving in 'new normal': tech experts

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

May 24, 2022, 9:50 pm

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MANILA – Two technology experts on Tuesday said cooperation among different biz entities, as well as within an organization, is among the keys to thrive amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the "new normal".

Citing his observations, Don Rae, senior advisor for Globe Business, noted that food delivery apps have been very in demand since the start of the pandemic. The service, however, is a collaboration between the app and the restaurant.

"The app does not have a restaurant. Similarly, a restaurant does not have an app. If there's one thing we learned from the pandemic, that is the need for collaboration," he pointed out in a press conference.

This shows that different businesses or industries can work together for a shared success, and this will not only be beneficial for them but also for the customers.

Rae said the pandemic has made the people see what is possible and see potentials.

Chief executive officers, he said, had several realizations because of what the pandemic has caused to the businesses.

"It is scary to move forward, but it is more scary to not move forward," Rae stressed.

This is also why technology evolution and revolution must be present in every industry, he added.

Swan Sit, former global head of Digital Marketing at Nike turned social audio app Clubhouse creator, said innovation must be everyone's job.

Swan suggested that firms must encourage everyone to share ideas and provide incentives for this. Fear of failure must be discouraged, and instead, encourage everyone to voice out their innovative ideas.

Based on observations, she said it seems like the next generation are the ones who could be on top of the game.

"They are very knowledgeable on (technical stuff). Kids these days can even operate the iPad faster than you can," she said.

For businesses, Swan also said it is important to remember that being "first" does not necessarily mean being the "most important".

Both Swan and Rae were among the speakers at the Enterprise Innovation Forum held in Taguig City.

Around 350 representatives from different industries attended this forum with the theme, "Techography: Charting Our Greater Shared Future".

Experts shared their insights on different technology topics, such as 5G, edge computing, Cloud, data resiliency and cybersecurity. (PNA)