DAVAO CITY – The Trade Union of the Philippines (TUCP) has expressed frustration with the continuing increase in fuel prices amid the government’s move to increase the minimum wage in all areas in the country, including this city.

In a text message Monday, TUCP spokesperson Allan Tanjusay said the approved wage hikes have failed to uplift the workers' economic situation—especially those living below the poverty threshold.

“The scheduled big-time increases in fuel prices on June 7 will surely trigger prices of basic commodities and cost of services to shoot up and would further diminish the buying power of wages,” Tanjusay said.

In a statement, TUCP President Raymond Mendoza said the buying power of the current wage adjustments is being “dissipated” by the series of increases in prices of basic commodities and cost of services.

Mendoza said the wage hikes “have no impact on lifting the lives of workers from worsening poverty caused by the pandemic crisis.”

On June 18, minimum wage earners in Davao Region are expected to receive a PHP31 increase in their daily take-home pay.

Another PHP16 will be given on January 1, 2023, while an additional PHP15 will be provided to those working in retail and service establishments with less than 10 workers on April 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, government agencies including the Land Transportation, Franchising, and Regulatory Board, and Department of Agriculture are currently offering fuel subsidies to qualified beneficiaries.

The fuel price increases have been attributed to transportation delays and rerouting due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. (PNA)