FREE EDUCATION. The Educational Benefit System Unit of the City Government of Davao bares Thursday (June 30, 2022) that 33 of its scholars graduated with Latin honors. For this school year, the city offers 200 scholarship slots. (City Government of Davao file photo)

DAVAO CITY – Thirty-three grantees of the local government's Educational Benefit System Unit (EBSU) graduated with Latin honors for the school year 2021-2022, an official said Thursday.

"Two of them were summa cum laudes, this is the first time for scholars to be conferred with that honor," EBSU Technical Assistant Emilio Domingo Jr. said.

The grant also produced 10 magna cum laudes and 21 cum laudes, based on EBSU's June 28 data, he said.

The two summa cum laude honorees, Joeville Royce Barato and Kimberly Diapana, are graduates of the Holy Cross College of Calinan. Barato earned a degree in Secondary Education Major in Social Studies while Diapana earned a degree in Secondary Education Major in English.

Domongo said the local government has extended the submission of requirements for its scholarship programs to cater to the students from the public schools, whose grades will be released only in the second week of July.

The student-applicants have until July 15, 2022 to complete their scholarship requirements for the next school year.

Domingo said they have 200 scholarship slots in total. (PNA)