INHERITANCE RIGHTS. In a press conference Monday (July 4, 2022) in Davao City, officials of the Davao Region’s Forensic Unit (RFU-11) bare that most of their civilian clients all over Mindanao who avail of the services provided by their DNA Laboratory Section located are for paternity and maternity tests. Maj. Florepes Pallado, RFU-11 DNA laboratory chief (in photo) said the main purpose of most DNA tests is to provide proof for inheritance rights. (PNA photo by Christine Cudis)

DAVAO CITY – Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing to establish blood relations is the top of service being availed by civilian clients in the Police Regional Office - Davao Region DNA Laboratory Section of the Regional Forensic Unit (RFU-11) here, an official said Monday.

In a press briefing, Maj. Florepes Pallado, RFU-11 DNA laboratory section chief, said they have catered to some 400 clients all over Mindanao who availed of DNA testing since they opened in February 2019.

"Primarily, they need the service as proof for inheritance rights. There are over 400 clients across Mindanao who availed of paternity and maternity tests," she said.

For civilians who seek to avail of the services, Pallado said they only have to submit a letter of request to the section.

The DNA processing costs PHP20,000 per sample with results available after two to three days.

"We do not release results unless it is with 99.99 percent accuracy," Pallado said.

The laboratory is complete with a sampling and extraction area, amplification room, and a genetic analyzer.

Prior to its establishment, all services related to DNA examination were forwarded to Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police's headquarters in Quezon City.

Aside from DNA testing, the RFU lab also offers bullet comparison microscopes for firearms identification, ballistic examination, and automated scan for fingerprint identification systems. (PNA)