OBSERVE GOOD NUTRITION. The City Health Office in Davao City says it is strengthening its delivery of health services and nutrition after the cases of obesity doubled last year. Parents of unfit children have been advised to monitor their children and visit health centers frequently. (Photo courtesy of Davao CIO)

DAVAO CITY –  The City Health Office’s (CHO) Nutrition Division is strengthening its delivery of general health services and nutrition information campaigns as cases of obese children increased here.

The CHO Nutrition Division said obesity cases rose from 585 in 2020 to 1,179 in 2021.

“In 2019, the data has dropped but in 2020, it increased again. It was a joint effort of the communities, parents, and health workers to lower the prevalence of obesity, but due to the pandemic, it increased again,” said Elizabeth Banzon, CHO nutrition division head.

“Our nutrition and other related services, however, remain efficient,” she added.

The city’s severely underweight prevalence rate of 0.43 percent or 782 children in 2020 increased slightly to 0.45 percent, or 789 kids in 2021.

Banzon urged the parents of unfit children to visit the nearest barangay or district health centers for them to avail of free health services for children especially now that restrictions have eased.

“Children’s health and nutrition should be fostered during pregnancy, so we are encouraging even the expecting parents to visit the health centers,” she said. (PNA)